Yoga Springs Studio


Chakras, Mudras & Mantras w/Monica

On May 17, explore the rainbow of the seven Chakras (energy centers) located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The Chakras are said to move prana (life force energy) up and down the spine. In this workshop, learn asanas, chants and mudras (hand gestures) to keep your energy centers balanced for optimal wellness and inner calm. Also explore the colors, gemstones, foods and scents that are associated with each Chakra. Focusing on the Chakras within yoga practice enhances the benefits of the yoga practice and invites mindfulness around the integration of mind, body and spirit in daily life. Please pre-register to hold your spot. $85

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About Yoga Springs Studio

Yoga Springs Studio is a sacred space for growth, sharing and community. We have two locations the original studio in the healing village of Yellow Springs(15 miles east of Dayton) and the new location in downtown Springfield, Ohio. In each location we have two studios, which are filled with natural light, beautiful hardwood floors, and equipped with yoga props.
In addition to weekly classes and workshops, we offer 200-and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs certified by the National Yoga Alliance. We invite you to join us on the healing path of yoga and wellness.

The Springfield studio is located in the historic and newly remodeled Bushnell Building in downtown Springfield, Ohio. The building has been remodeled to meet historic standards as well and energy (LEED) and design standards. The studio is spacious with large south facing windows, and radiant floor heat, low VOC finishes, and absolutely beautiful! MORE INFO, PARKING

Our Invitation

Let go… feel the support of this sacred space and allow yourself to be truly nurtured.
Stretch your body, relax your mind.
Connect with this warm, open community.
Be inspired to be your best.
Be happy, Be peace, Be love.
Come to Yoga Springs Studio and encourage your heart to blossom.